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Kern County
The District is continuously engaging in many different projects to help
improve water management and meet mission goals. Below are some of
the projects the District is actively pursuing:
Note: Information provided is subject to change at any time and without notice.
-Sustainable Groundwater Management Act
-Brackish Ground Water and Remediation Project
-Water Exchange Project
-Conservation Easement Water Aquisition and Management Project
-Ground Water Recharge and Recovery Project
- 7th Standard Initial Study / Mit. Neg. Dec.
-Northern Area Pipeline Project--------------------------->
-SCADA Implementation
- The Palms NOP
-Water-Use and Irrigation Efficiency Project
-James Groundwater Storage and Recovery Project
Additional Info
For additional information on
the projects please contact the
District office at 661-324-1101.
Or send an email: admin@bvh2o.com